$29 Trillion?!

29 thousand billion! 29,000,000 million! Let me spell that out.  29 million-million. OK, now take a moment to think about this.  Dragging it out, 1 Trillion is one thousand thousand million (1,000,000,000,000), 1 Million is 0.000001 trillion.1 Trillion is 1,000,000 Million. Can we understand this at $7.25/hr. or even $50/hr.?  How’s this? 29 million millionaires! …

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Red or Blue?

The thought that things will change in any meaningful way in the US by picking the lesser of 2 evils is utter stupidity.  There is one coin and if your on one side or the other, your missing the big picture.  The coin is worn out and choosing one side or the other is going …

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