Red or Blue?

The thought that things will change in any meaningful way in the US by picking the lesser of 2 evils is utter stupidity.  There is one coin and if your on one side or the other, your missing the big picture.  The coin is worn out and choosing one side or the other is going to yield the same results. There are too many people that allow themselves to be told what to think by their favorite “news” outlet without even realizing it when instead, they could be looking at all of the information available from an unbiased source and forming their own opinions and finding common ground and compromise to move things forward. Currently, people are reacting instead of thinking and then flying off the handle over things that require a great deal of though and consideration before any actions should be taken. The media is controlled by too few people which gives them enormous power to manipulate and control information.  There used to be dozens of media outlets a few decades ago and now those that are left are controlled by just a few major corporations that spin stories to fit their agenda. They create division to keep us preoccupied with ghouls, ghosts, and events that we never have and likely, never will have any control over never giving anyone a view of all of the information to allow us to think for ourselves. I find it both sad and hilarious that people think that their political party is the right way.  The thing that isn’t being realized is that in the word “government” ‘govern’ means control and ‘ment’ means mind so doing the math, you get mind control. There are a bunch of crooked people in nice suits and dresses or skirts lying at us day after day while misappropriating and wasting our tax dollars (that they steal from us in the first place) propping up their cronies and business friends and we continue thinking that they are going to take care of us and have our best interests at heart.  People are going to take care of their own first and the little guy down on main street is going to get trodden on by most.  There are always exceptional people doing exceptional things, but this is not the rule. Poor people like to blame the rich businesswomen and men and think that they deserve a handout.  While I agree that people should be protected from shady business practices and earn a livable wage, these same businesswomen and men need to be protected from the masses as well.  These innovators are the people creating things, providing value, and taking risks on projects that give others the ability to have a wage and take care of our own.  Without these people there would be no lights, no cell phones, no music, no etc.  I’m glad these people are rich and if you want to get there, find a problem, solve it, and learn to market the solution. I think if we really want to see things change, we need to do a couple of things to steer this ship in another direction.  Limiting terms on Senators and Congressmen would be a good start.  Making them work for free instead of getting their salary for life would likely perform some nice house cleaning or even limiting their salary to their terms in office would be beneficial. Then getting rid of the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation owned by some banker families that we have been paying back loans to for about a century. People don’t recognize that the United States is also a corporation that owns each one of us since at the signing of our birth certificates private corporations were formed as our names which the government collateralize for the repayment of debt in the form of taxes. You probably think that I sound crazy and wear an aluminum foil hat, but make no mistake this is all true.  We were bought and paid for at birth.  This is why we each have a share in the national debt that has exploded during the last 2 administrations to fund war, to enable more insane spending policies, and to cover the asses of some sleazy, gambling banksters that are supposedly to big to fail.  What a steaming pile of bullshit! Do we really need anyone to govern us?  If so, how do we keep them accountable now?  The coin is worn out.

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