Freedom of Speech

The freedom for a person to say what they want to say has been getting more and more difficult to protect lately.  Whether you sit on the right or left side of the bench or even in the middle, it is just one bench.  There is a reason that the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights were written.  To protect our rights from those that may try to usurp them from us.  A person doesn’t have the right to be exempt from getting their little feelings hurt.  It happens to all of us.  How you choose to deal with it is where the difference lies.  If you can’t handle a jab here and there, then there may be a lovely little place you can go with soft walls and a nice form fitting jacket with some nice people in white coats that can coddle your snowflake ass while you learn to deal with your neurosis in a constructive way.

When I get upset about something someone says, I may need to step away for a moment and think about how whatever triggered me was about me and not them or what they said.  These events bring up something inside of me that I say about myself and whether or not the person had intended to incite some sort of response, my reaction is up to me.  I can simply choose not to allow what they said to affect me anymore than that split second of fear or pain that goes on inside my own mind, when I am then given that chance to make some choices such as run away crying, kick the living shit out of them, say something back in kind, or simply say “hmm” and go on about my business.

It’s when I decide to dwell on it, that I then start feeding a fire of insanity.  The anger builds and builds and then I want to bitch about it to other people and, of course, I find a friend that will side with me and the blaze grows wildly.  Then I’m heated for hours or even days and if I continue to feed that fire it can turn into an obsession and then I start gathering others to convince them that I was so wronged and get them onboard with my story and start a community group, which then turns into a movement that spreads across the state, then the region, finally the country is involved and there are 2 sides going at each other like a bunch of fucking morons and everyone looks and sounds stupid because no one is looking at the big picture and thinking rationally while the media gets involved and most people don’t recognize that they get their information from a just few media outlet’s that are owned by only a few major corporations that ultimately want to keep us all distracted, so that you don’t notice that they just paid off a group of politicians to thumb down a vote for a new device that will generate enough energy to power an entire city block that’s small enough to fit in the mailbox you find in front of the post office.  They can then continue along with the status quo all while they just paid a group of people to disappear for many years, so that they could blow up grade school in New Americastan to get everyone to be convinced that they need to be tagged with a device that keeps track of your location, all of your personal information, and financial information for your own safety.  Don’t worry they have our best interests in mind.

Probably should have just said “hmm” and went on about my business…


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