Decentralize it.

The head of the United Nations has called to cancel all planned coal projects worldwide. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres calls nations to discontinue their projects that use coal in order to end the “deadly addiction” to this fossil fuel. He asserted that phasing out coal from the electricity sector is the “single most important” step to tackle the climate crisis.

In my view, the controllers of this world are in the process of taking away every possible way for those of us without millions and billions, to be able to sustain ourselves. To create circumstances in such a way that we must rely on them to provide for us, in doing so, gain complete control over us.

We have become too complacent and dependent on the systems that we have allowed to be put in place. We have allowed corporations and governments to slow walk us into an Orwellian 1984/Huxlian Brave New World crossroads for our future. It is our job to come up with ways to replace all of their infrastructure and control systems and flip the script in our favor.

Right now, with blockchain technology and decentralized finance technology, we have the opportunity to take these controllers out of the equation, making the control and deception systems obsolete.

One of the methods that I see these people who wish to control using against us is a planned, fraudulent scarcity. Naturally, there are acts of God that wreak havoc, but there are shortages of things that make no sense. People panic, buying into the nonsense and compound the problem for the rest of us.

When you are unable to feed your babies, yourself, or are unable to get things that you need, you are much more likely to go along with anything to get those products that you need or want.

In my view, it is time to take back our position of authority over our elected and hold them to account and get back to truth and integrity.

We have seen so much corruption in these people that we have elected to represent us, that I’m surprised that we have seen big moves to remove the majority of these so called “officials”. One need only look to see. Our tax dollars have been going almost everywhere but toward making American’s lives better. You can see this at the gas pump, at the grocery store, and in the products that you want and need. Prices have been slowly creeping for a century.

I don’t want to just call out problems without thinking about solutions.

In my view, the people that represent us need to be held to a much higher standard than the rest of us.

You can see that there are blatant differences in the way politicians, big businesswomen/men, Hollyweird A-listers, etc. are treated in the legal world compared to we undesirables. In my view, these people should have much more detrimental consequences, rather than the more forgiving “but it’s me, don’t you know who I am?” types. Especially when it comes to the people spending our tax dollars.

If I could wave my magic wand, I’d have every one of these “elected” under constant surveillance, and have every vote and stance they make tracked, available, and visible to the public at the voting station at all times.

I’d also have them working voluntarily (as was intended in the beginning of this country) without benefits aside from what Medicare, welfare, and the systems that they push off on us (as if there were doing us some great service).

I would then have the state legislatures create accountability and integrity laws that would have the penalties doubled for any elected representatives convicted of a crime.

This would very likely remove psycho/socialpaths from the running, since they wouldn’t be able to abuse their power and benefit financially doing whatever they felt like to gain from their “position of power”.

Some things that we can do.

In the meantime, I recommend that everyone get involved in their local representation to start to shift things back to a freedom focused type of government.

One of the most impactful things that we can do is get back to nature and have everyone with a yard, space on a balcony, or space with sunlight inside your home, start growing food. Get together and plan who can grow what (produce, animal husbandry with chickens, goats, etc. given the space you have available) in your neighborhood and give away your excess and get back to being able to sustain ourselves. Doing so breaks the control mechanisms that are being utilized, making us immune to any shortages. At the very least, you will have food to share, reduce your grocery bill, and know that you are eating well, especially when you aren’t using the poisonous chemicals that large growers use on our food for maximum profit margins.

Water and electricity are something that we must figure out in order to remain in the 21st century and not fall completely back into the dark ages.

We have been stifled in our energy technology for at least a century.  We have not progressed in any significant way in producing safe, clean, and relatively sustainable energy since Tesla and Westinghouse implemented AC technology and the hydroelectric generator systems. Solar generation was around in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Wind generation has been around since the first windmills for need to reimagine how we produce energy and collect and treat water.

The sun shining on water through a mason jar will sterilize the water. Filtration of debris is something that is relatively manageable

We allowed ourselves to become too dependent on centralized systems and have forgotten how to be human beings working with our natural systems.

One advantage we now have is the technology to decentralize finance and banking or there is always hold and silver.

Anything that we can do to eliminate our dependence on these control systems will shift power back to we, normal human beings. Food for thought.

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