New Tech Can Transmit Audible Voices into Your Head

In a report released to The Optical Society from researchers at MIT, researchers have proven that they can use lasers to beam music, tones, or audible messages directly to a specific person without any sort of receiving device calling it photoacoustic communication.

The researchers are able to use two methods to accomplish this. One method is using water vapor in the air to absorb the light and create sound and the second method was developed from a technique called dynamic photoacoustic spectroscopy (DPAS), which the researchers had developed for chemical detection. The researchers discovered that scanning/sweeping a laser beam at the speed of sound could improve chemical detection and with this approach, the researchers changed the length of the laser sweeps to encode different frequencies or audible pitches into the light.

With this laser sweeping technique, the signal can only be heard a certain distance from the transmitter. Meaning that a message could be sent to an individual directly, rather than anyone who crosses the beam of light. It could even allow for the possibility of targeting a message to multiple people.

The messages are able to be sent over short distances of about 8 feet, but the researchers suggest that this distance can be boosted and could possibly be used in emergency situations to relay information to an individual to provide instructions without anyone else being able to hear.

This technology brings to mind the “crazies” that have been saying that the government or God is telling them to do things and no one else can hear. A simple internet search for voice of God technology will show dozens of sites that have been talking about this type of technology for years.

If you’ve been alive in this country for awhile, you’ve likely noticed that technologies that have been created by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and their like have always been very secret and take a great deal of time to come into the public eye.

It seems to me that MIT is being used as a sort of disclosure platform for releasing long hidden technologies to the public claiming that these new technologies are just in their infancy and that they are working to make them mainstream leaving me scratching my head.

I wonder how long this tech has really been around…

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