Do Things Seem to be Amiss in Your Life?

I have been feeling, for quite some time, that things just don’t seem right.  Most of us are in essence, wage or debt slaves.

We are trained from the beginning to wake up unnaturally to go to a specific location 5 days a week to do things that we don’t want to do and then we get 2 days to ourselves to live life.  We are then taught that we need to continue to get this, so called, “good education” so that we can get a good job and make lots of money, so that we can retire at an old age and not worry about money for the rest of what life we have remaining.

This is absolute nonsense and sadly, most of us live our entire lives this way.  Going to a job that we may or may not hate and working for people that we may or may not hate for a paycheck that barely covers our bills, if we are actually living within our means in the first place.

Even if you went to college and have a job paying 6 figures, you might be $10s to $100s of thousands in debt because you thought that since you are making more money, you should have things that are that nicer and more expensive to show that you’ve made it and maybe you still owe $10s of thousands in tuition on top of that.  Even if you didn’t go into debt over your education, you likely bought a new car and possibly house on credit and maybe started a family on top of that, which likely put you into consumer hell with, what may seem like, no way out.

We are then taught to live on as little as possible and to save and pay ourselves first. We are told to invest in our 401ks or mutual funds and hope and pray that the market doesn’t crash right as we are about to retire or that inflation hasn’t turned our $200,000 in today’s money into barely enough to buy a new car in tomorrow’s.

I have spent years trying all sorts of different ways to break free from the standard operating procedure and have blundered pretty much everything along the way.  I have tried to launch several network marketing companies, internet retail businesses, a movie membership group, investing in the stock market, failure after failure, and theft after theft.

I’ve discovered that this system is designed to steal money from Main Street and move it into the hands of Wall Street banksters and the corporate executives and politicians that have been paid off to look the other way or pass laws that allows this to continue.

Do not despair!  There are a few ways out of this!

One method is to create a product, system, or tool (preferably something that doesn’t require any more time from you, you don’t want to exchange one job for another!) that you rent or sell to thousands or millions of others. You can then use this income to invest in things that bring you more passive income like rental property, dividend stocks, municipal bonds, peer-to peer lending, and other forms of passive income that covers all of your bills and hopefully more so that you can do what you want when you want without going into debt or worrying about money ever again.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be making millions of dollars, just enough to cover all expenses plus some for emergencies and perks if that is what makes you happy.

Another method is to pay attention to what your state senators and representatives are actually doing and vote out the corrupt that are just paying lip service and hope that your vote actually counts for something and if not, wake up enough people to recognize this fact and banned together to start a lawsuit, protest, and/or run for office (just remember to have integrity).

And the last method is to completely remove yourself from the system and go live off the land and your own hard work.

One of these should work for everyone.  If none of these methods work for you, I’m am open to other suggestions.  Please leave them in the comments section.

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