Lest Ye Forget

Most of us with a pulse have heard that the crypto universe has been getting beaten to shit this year.  After Bitcoin’s moon to $20k, seeing it fall below $6k for a short time, was pretty shaking for anyone that was just getting involved in the market anywhere near December 2017.

There have been a lot of touchy nerves in regard to government regulation, hacking, theft, scam coins, and the like.  Just remember that Bitcoin was below $4000 this time last year.  If you were in then, you are sitting on a very nice gain still and all that it will take is some great news or for one large retailer like Amazon to start accepting crypto for payment to push this ship past the moon.

There are a few other things that have been happening, mainly under the radar, such as Coinbase opening up in Japan.   Coinbase Custody, which is Coinbase’s institutional level crypto storage solution is paving the way for institutional money to safely enter the crypto market without fear of loss of coins.  There has been a lot of institutional money coming in discreetly through Coinbase’s over the counter platform, so as to prevent insane spikes in pricing as well.

Crypto is on sale and if you were planning on getting some, Bitcoin and Ethereum are great places to begin.  Buy the dips or put in limit orders at 10% and 20% below current prices to get even better deals.

First, setup a Coinbase account if you don’t already have one.  You can click this link here for Android and PC…I don’t know if it will work for iPhone or Apple… or copy and paste this http://goo.gl/cb5NZe into your browser

If I remember correctly, it will give us both a little extra crypto.  It’s free to sign up, so why the hell not throw me a bone while your at it?

Once you have setup your account, jump on your computer (possibly tablet…I haven’t tested on a tablet yet…maybe I will soon and then update) and go to pro.coinbase.com or copy and paste this into your browser https://pro.coinbase.com/

Here you can transfer money from your bank and deposit it into your Coinbase Pro account.  When your money has arrived (up to 11 days) later into your account, you can setup limit orders to buy at the prices that you choose.

*Note: Limit orders will only execute when the price drops to the price your limit order is set at and may not fill your entire order at once if at all.  If you want to ensure that you get in, set a market order and you will buy at the current price.

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