Speculation About Speculation

Speculation about something that is speculation. Absolute genius…cough.

Look, prices move. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices move up and down on the regular. Some of these theories that people come up with as to why are fucking nuts. This shit cracks me up. All of this wild speculation about why the market is doing what it’s doing is such a racket. It seems to me that most of the info is utter bullshit and based on what someone who wants to buy cheaper, short, or are trying to pump a coin rather than being based on any facts.

This is another one of those “follow the money” to see who’s trying to screw you or feed you full of shit scenarios. People are moving into the crypto market in massive numbers and yet prices still plummet. This is a real head spinner for me.

If Bitcoin and other coins/tokens keep dropping, at this point, I’d say set limit orders and pick up good projects while they are on sale. In a few years, you’ll thank yourself.

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