Who the Hell is Q?

Is Q a right wing conspiracy for tinfoil hat wearing loonies? Follow this link: Q Proofs and see what you think and then come back for more. Going through these videos is going to take you a bit of time, so we’ll keep the typing to a minimum for this post. The videos speak for … Read moreWho the Hell is Q?

New Tech Can Transmit Audible Voices into Your Head

In a report released to The Optical Society from researchers at MIT, researchers have proven that they can use lasers to beam music, tones, or audible messages directly to a specific person without any sort of receiving device calling it photoacoustic communication. The researchers are able to use two methods to accomplish this. One method … Read moreNew Tech Can Transmit Audible Voices into Your Head

Cryptocurrency is Going Institutional

Relatively quietly behind the scenes, there are large financial institutions creating custody solutions (methods of holding and keeping safe) for cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Monero, Zcash, Decred, 0x, Stellar, WAX, and the like) for institutional investors. One in particular is the Intercontinental Exchange or ICE, which is the company that owns the New York … Read moreCryptocurrency is Going Institutional

Do Things Seem to be Amiss in Your Life?

I have been feeling, for quite some time, that things just don’t seem right.  Most of us are in essence, wage or debt slaves. We are trained from the beginning to wake up unnaturally to go to a specific location 5 days a week to do things that we don’t want to do and then … Read moreDo Things Seem to be Amiss in Your Life?

$29 Trillion?!

29 thousand billion! 29,000,000 million! Let me spell that out.  29 million-million. OK, now take a moment to think about this.  Dragging it out, 1 Trillion is one thousand thousand million (1,000,000,000,000), 1 Million is 0.000001 trillion.1 Trillion is 1,000,000 Million. Can we understand this at $7.25/hr. or even $50/hr.?  How’s this? 29 million millionaires! … Read more$29 Trillion?!

Where is Our Damn Privacy?!

It is extremely difficult to have any type of privacy anywhere. We are being photographed or video captured in our cars, in the checkout line, walking down the street, you name it.  Now, let’s talk about online privacy… There isn’t any!  If you use an Android based smartphone, Google, Chrome, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, … Read moreWhere is Our Damn Privacy?!

New Life for Old Stuff

Most people are afraid to toy around with, or unaware that when they are unable to update their electronics to the current version, that there are ways to either change the operating system completely on a PC/Laptop or jailbreak/root their handheld devices to allow more functionality than was the last update left available on your … Read moreNew Life for Old Stuff

Fluoride Officially Listed as a Neurotoxin.

There has been a movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply that has been growing for years with evidence from several sources. A report from The Lancet, the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin that falls in the same category as arsenic, lead, and … Read moreFluoride Officially Listed as a Neurotoxin.

Start ‘Em Young

In my experience, schools teach kids what to think and never really teach them how to think.  Critical thinking skills are something that I have struggled with.  I was usually really good at the memorization aspect which allowed me to do pretty fucking well in school, but when I hit teenage and started to question … Read moreStart ‘Em Young